Cary Kwok Exhibition Review

Kwok’s style here has developed some of the hard, 1980s look found in, say, the work of Antonio Lopez, though something about the way these buildings array visual information across the page reminds me of Eduardo Paolozzi’s quasi-diagrammatic screen-prints of the 1960s and ’70s Of course, as their titles indicate, these works are fundamentally exercises in style or pastiche – art deco, Tang dynasty, steampunk.



Elephant Magazine

Cary Kwok at Herald St Review

his new series of drawings are still lead by hyper-eroticism, but this time sexual fantasy is manifested through decadent architecture. In a dramatic meeting of flesh and concrete, each work is an elevated architectural drawing or interior design, hiding or pronouncing a multitude of naked men and erect members.



10 Magazine

Cary Kwok

"His lovingly realised, immaculate drawings in ballpoint pen recall school-book doodles. However, their content is seriously X-rated. Spanning continents, religious persuasions and historical epochs, his chisel-jawed heartthrobs include 18th-century rakes, orthodox Jews and superheroes."


Fantastic Man

Mr. Cary Kwok

"The meticulous and quite scandalous drawings by 35-year-old artist Mr. Cary Kwok are much sought after, particularly because he devotes so much time to each work."



Cum To Barber

Artist Cary Kwok celebrates horny men and their precise, period hairstyles, ejaculating lavish volumes of semen onto themselves. The illustrations are drawn with a ballpoint pen. In fact Cary loves the biro pen so much that has an image of it tattooed on his right arm. 




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Cary Kwok in Time Out Hong Kong

"His images are often graphic and erotic depictions of penises and men reaching the pinnacle of their orgasms in immense pleasure, tinged with a hint of humor. In this imaged world, cum is on tap, erection is an understatement, and there is simply no room to be bashful."


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Cary Kwok: Artist



Vitamin D2 - New Perspectives In Drawing

Cary Kwok

If you were to see Cary Kwok's most tasteful exercises in virtuosity - his ballpoint pen and acrylic paint works depicting intricate chinoiserie dresses, wonderfully architectural tresses of hair, ladies' shoes to die for - you would only have seen half the picture. For Kwok's most notorious and most striking work is sheer X-rated porn, with a gleefully irreverent twist.


ART of Giving

Holiday's Best by Cary Kwok




Cary Kwok: A Delicate Talent

"Cary Kwok's thrilling drawings explore the obsessive nature of fetishism in finely defined detail. Donald Urquhart considers his talent rare."


Antipasto Magazine



Modern Weekly (China)

Cary Kwok: Desire



Modern Weekly (China)

The Dreamers




TV interview at ARTHK 12