Cary Kwok - Flash Art Magazine (Vol  XXXVIII No 244) - Oct 2005 (e).jpg

Flash Art

London: Cary Kwok

"Effort has been out of style in London for so long that nowadays a display of actual skill can carry the visual impact of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Such was the effect of Cary Kwok's recent show at Herald St - thirteen small-format ink-on-paper drawings whose remarkable attention to detail put slack crudeness to shame."

Cary Kwok - Visionaire No 46 Uncensored by Mario Testino - December 2005 (e).jpg

Visionaire No. 46 Uncensored by Mario Testino

"Issue 46 wasn’t the first Visionaire guest-edited by Mario Testino, but it was the first in which, rather than sharing glam snaps of models and celebrities, the photographer revealed a keen sense of contemporary art, curating a selection of scintillating artworks themed around desire and sex. “Mario has an incredible eye for art,” says Visionaire founder Cecilia Dean. “But it’s an aspect of his personality that, until then, hadn’t been expressed in a publication.” In UNCENSORED, Testino selected sexually provocative works by artists like Marlene Dumas, Thomas Ruff, Ghada Amer, and Tracey Emin, many of which were rendered on customized tactile inserts like latex. “Sex is so integral to life,” Testino says. “If it wasn’t for sex, life would not exist. From that, one can derive so much inspiration.” And that he did. The issue also contained a special portfolio of the photographer’s unpublished work, including five original prints of couples in their most intimate moments. And because it wouldn’t be an issue about sex without someone or something Brazilian, a tiny swatch of supermodel Gisele Bündchen’s bedsheets was included in each copy. All of which earned the issue an EXPLICIT CONTENT label—completely deservedly"

Cary Kwok - Pref Magazine No 15 (Interview) - July-August2006 (e).jpg

Pref Magazine No. 15

Cary Kwok: Les Grands Bleus



The Art Newspaper

"My favourite is Cary Kwok's Cum to Barber (1960's), 2006, at Herald Street in Art Premiere (S7). It shows a Jimi Hendrix look-alike masturbating - simply awesome."



Hard Kwok: Cary Kwok

"Cary Kwok's drawings are beautiful, erotic, and funny. [...] He works with fine biro pens, transforming the basic medium into something complex, delicate, and intensely worked."


GT: Gay Times

Come On!

"If Tom of Finland were your history teacher and you were writing an essay on the male orgasm and you had to provide artistic, pictorial accompaniment, you could do worse than getting artist Cary Kwok to help you. In fact, old Tom would've creamed his bulging jeans."


Time Out London

Preview: Cary Kwok

"For Cary Kwok, wanking and cumming might be more mutual activities - although, to look at his meticulously drawn, toothlessly pornographic and exuberantly funny drawings of superheroes, comic book characters and troupes of slick naked Adoni, all in the throes of gushing ejaculation, cumming seems more aesthetically fascinating than the intimate fun of getting there."


Modern Weekly (China)





Cary Kwok, Ejacs en Stock


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B Magazine

Cary Kwok: Artist



Life Magazine: China



The Outlook Magazine: China



Artasiapacific Magazine

Ideas on a Napkin: Cary Kwok




Adoration of the Penis



Modern Weekly (China)

Xmas Wishes



North Drive Pess No. 15

Melissa IP and Cary Kwok



Rude Britannia: British Comic Art

A Stick of Rock, Cock?

"Meticulously drawn with blue ballpoint pen and often imbued with an overtly humorous gay sexuality, his works have featured portraits that mix historical characters from fashion, popular culture, and comic books."


Fantastic Man

Hair Stylist